The Bumble Run – Part 2

During the saga with El Macho, I began talking to a guy. He was cute, funny and nerdy. We talked about games we both liked playing, and films.
He made me do that stupid grin. I thought it might have some potential to become a Thing.
Housemate couldn’t contain his jealously, and we argued.
The messages between me and this guy continued… and, at length, we met up.
He’d been going through a difficult time; his dad hadn’t been well, and he’d given up work to care for him. The day we were supposed to meet the first time, his dad died. I tried to be supportive, and gave him the space and time he said he needed, and when he wanted to talk, I was there.
When we met at last, he came to pick me up from my house. We went to his, as it was then empty. We talked for house, watched a movie, had a takeaway and a few drinks… he put me in charge of the music whilst he gave me a massage, and I stayed the night. We spent the morning after gaming. We spoke a bit during the day, and then… nothing. He disappeared off the face of the planet.
I confess to being confused, annoyed, and upset by the lack of response. I still think of him occasionally.
Oh, the One Date Wonder. I hope things went well for you, and I hope you’re happy.

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