A Clarification

I didn’t get much written on the plane out to Spain. Clearly.

I started multiple posts on the way back that need some more detail and a better frame of mind to finesse them a little. But more and higher quality content is coming. I promise.

Clarification for future posts: I use ‘Boy’ a lot to describe some of these people. It’s a carefully chosen word. I have a defined image of what I think a man is, or should be like. Whether that’s right or wrong isn’t for me to judge. All I know is that for some reason, it’s important to me.

I will practically beg you not to ask me to tell you what my definition of boy vs man is; you’ll only tell me I have serious issues. You’re probably right, dear reader.

But whether my definition is right or wrong, it’s what it means to me and that’s the definition for the purposes of this conversation with myself. Because that’s all a blog is, right?

When I get to it, some people will (I promise) be referred to as men.


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