Background – The Need to Know

Last October, I became single again. It was incredibly liberating, but I didn’t actually realise how liberating it would be until I stepped, blinking, into the light.

I’ve lived in London for somewhere in the region of 2.5 years at this stage. But I’ve lived nearby for most of my life. But my ex- was form “back home”, an awful, catch-all phrase, meaning very little in reality.

He didn’t ever want to leave “home”. But I wanted the London life… I wanted the night bus antics on the way home, and the meeting weird people who scream at pigeons – and I wanted to meet complete strangers and have ridiculous adventures.

That’s the joy of city life to me.

The small town thing is that you can never meet people that someone in your friendship group doesn’t already know, or know of… and that just makes me want to hurl.

So we split. And I made some strange and unusual choices.

The dating game began.


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